An explanation for “noONEleftBEHIND” …

Sunday, 2018 SEP 09

Dear Friends:

As I now travel the campaign trail, several individuals have encouraged me to explain the rationale for my slogan “noONEleftBEHIND”.  For those who know me and know where I’ve devoted my last forty years of community service, it requires little or no explanation.  But … for those who are wondering, allow me to share …

“noONEleftBEHIND” is my personal vision for Chatham-Kent and “Better Together” is the way to get there.  In my roles with the Canadian Mental Health Association and United Way of Chatham-Kent, I have worked alongside – and met – many individuals who are marginalized and often forgotten.  To me, the slogan means:

  • no one living in poverty
  • no one without a roof over his – or her – head
  • no one without a nutritious (and affordable!) meal
  • no one without a voice to be heard
  • no age demographic isolated (including youth, young professionals and seniors)
  • and the list goes on

There is another “military” reference to “noONEleftBEHIND” … and if you think about it, we are, in fact, living in what has been referred to as a VUCA World – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.  For some of our citizens who find themselves in vulnerable situations, it might actually feel like a war – as our community fights against poverty, hunger, homelessness, loss of income, loneliness and isolation, drug misuse, precarious employment, mental health issues, etc.

While we don’t currently have all the answers to resolve these challenges, I believe we can do so if we work better together … and if we actively engage with those who will be affected by the decisions we make.

It is my belief that we have a moral obligation to take care of each other.  So … let’s work better together to ensure that no one is left behind!



Monday, 2018 MAY 07

Dear Friends:

As many of you know, I will be retiring from my role as CEO of United Way on Friday, 2018 AUG 17 … but do not wish to retire from service to my community.  

After several months of deliberation and hundreds of encouraging conversations with family and friends, I have decided to run for a position on Municipal Council in Ward 6.  

Having submitted my nomination papers on Friday, May 4th, it is time for me to make my intentions public and to launch my campaign.

For those who may not know, I served on Tilbury Town Council (prior to Municipal amalgamation) in 1979-1981.  In addition to working for the Municipality in Thunder Bay and serving on Municipal Council in Tilbury, I have co-owned my own business (First Choice Haircutters in Essex County) and have served in the nonprofit, charitable sector for over 40 years.  With extensive experience in all three sectors of the community, I still have the desire and energy to serve Chatham-Kent and will soon have the time to devote to the important role of governance.

While there will be much more for me to share over the coming months in preparation for Election Day (2018 OCT 22), if you would like to help with my campaign, please send me a private Facebook Message or email me at:

You may also complete the “Contact Karen” form on this website.

I am building my campaign team and would welcome the opportunity to work with – and for – as many of you who might wish to support me in this next exciting phase of my life.  

I care about my community and the people in it.  I’ve spent the majority of my career in the “people helping people” business and want to continue to do that.

In addition to Council’s key responsibilities in the areas of infrastructure (roads and bridges and drainage ditches), job creation and wise spending of tax dollars, I want to invite input from those who will be impacted by the decisions that are made by our Municipal Council.  I want our community’s citizens – including those most in need – to know that their voices will be heard.

My vision … No one left behind.



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