Yes … I’m running for Municipal Council in Ward 6!

I care about my Chatham-Kent community and the people in it; I’ve spent the majority of my career helping people and I want to continue to do that.  

Having worked in all three (private, public and nonprofit) sectors of the community, I’ve made a lot of personal and professional contacts throughout Chatham-Kent.  My extensive experience in developing collaborative partnerships and community building initiatives will help make our community work better together. 

I have served in a number of leadership positions throughout Chatham-Kent and as a former Municipal Councillor for the Town of Tilbury,  I understand how local government works.

In addition to Council’s key responsibilities in the areas of infrastructure (roads and bridges and drainage ditches), job creation and wise spending of tax dollars, I want to invite input from those who will be impacted by the decisions that are made by our Municipal Council.  I want our community’s citizens – including those most in need – to know that their voices will be heard.  Your vote will help me to ensure that “no one is left behind”.

Yours, in community service,